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One hundred years from now, it won't matter the dollar amount in your bank account, or the size of your house, or the kind of car you drove. What will matter is the difference you made in the world. As a US Army Officer you will know you've made a difference. Let the experienced team of officers and non-commissioned officers of the University of Arkansas ROTC program lead you on that road to success. If you have questions contact us or click FAQ.

The purpose of the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) at the University of Arkansas is to train motivated college students to become innovative and agile officers in the Army after graduation.

Whether in the Active Duty, Army National Guard, or Army Reserve, our goal is to equip our graduates to thrive in chaos and to lead others and succeed in complex environments.

 Our graduates are:

  • Professional leaders of character
  • Intellectually curious thinkers
  • Mentally and physically resilient to cope with stress and produce results  


 Our program has:

  • A diverse population - not just Caucasian males, but women, Asians, Hispanics, African-Americans and other ethnicities
  • A high degree completion and graduation rate
  • Opportunities to travel around the globe
  • Scholarship opportunities to graduate with little to no debt



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Upcoming Events


  • 11MAR - Staff Ride
  • 12MAR - Record APFT
  • 18-22MAR - Spring Break
  • 22MAR - University Offices Closed
  • 29-31MAR - Spring FTX, Camp Robinson
  • 01APR - Priority Registration for Fall 2019 Commences
  • 12APR - Deadline for Make Up Incomplete Marks for Fall 2018
  • 13APR - Military Ball
  • 18APR - OPAT
  • 19APR - Deadline to Drop a Class With a "W"
  • 23APR - Record APFT Make-Up
  • 25APR - Awards Ceremony
  • 02MAY - Last Day of Classes/Deadline to Withdraw from the University
  • 03MAY - Dead Day
  • 06-09MAY - Finals
  • 10MAY - Commissioning/Fulbright Commencement/Nurse Pinning
  • 11MAY - University Commencement Ceremonies
  • 26AUG - Classes for Fall 2019 Commence

Department of Military Science and Leadership

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