The Color Guard at the UTEP game

Gearing up for the Spring FTX

In front of Old Main

One running group for the Outback in the Ozarks

A cadet on a CULP trip to the Republic of Georgia

A cadet being "kissed" by an elephant while in Thailand on a CULP trip

A cadet pictured with Congressman Steve Womack while working an internship in Washington DC

The one smiling is one of our cadets. We believe he's rafting on the Rio Grande.

A cadet at CLC

A cadet at CLC

Some of our cadets at CIET

One of our cadets who's a nursing student had the privilege of attending training at Walker Reed in Washington DC and while there volunteered for Honor Flight Chicago, who assist in bringing vets to see their memorial

Signing Day for CDT Evans and CDT Lind

Before the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb

CDT Hughey receiving the First Command Financial Services Award at CLC

CDT Sams getting hardcore training on the STORM targeting system

CDT DeNome being pinned by his mother at graduation from Air Assault School

CDT DeNome went to Senegal through the CULP program

CDT Ellis being pinned by his mother at graduation from Airborne School

CDT Jeter attended CTLT with an Aviation unit

CDT Larson received the USAA Warrior Spirit Award at CIET

2LT Walterhouse (Spring 2016 commissionee) and CDT McVay ran together in a few events over the summer

CDT Phan at CLC