The University of Arkansas Army ROTC program provides many opportunities that traditional students miss out on.  These opportunities give students the ability to travel all across the world with programs such as Cultural Immersion Programs and attend actual Army Specialty Schools, compete in Ranger Challenge, which is a competition between other ROTC programs from around the nation, and also to participate in community service projects.

In addition to these activities, participating in the ROTC program will provide you with priceless qualities that will benefit you not only in the Army but also in your civilian life.  These qualities range from leadership, to personal courage, decision making and many more. 

The ROTC program also provides a physical fitness program that will improve the strength, endurance, and overall health of your body.  Taking care of your body will give you more energy and make you feel better about yourself, making you more productive in everyday life.

Learn what cadets experience during CULP, LDAC and other summer training.